Kunquer Mission

Kunquer is a group of people who are doing business especially online B2B2C, sales are from China to all over the world. Derek Huang as the Founder has been in this field over 12 years. Co-founder Luojun Ke is a PHP jerk, Aaron Ma and Dick Liu are strategist and tactician in marketing and business over 10 years.

Our new mission is to bring more and more B2B or B2C sellers and their products from China to worldwide end users. How to?

How to sell worldwide? How to build a B2B2C store? How to receive the money from worldwide? How to ship the goods to worldwide?

Kunquer are trying to offer solutions varied in addons, niches and services to China B2B2C sellers, we do Not afford to provide all of these ourselves separately not only because time and energy but also we think in worldwide market there are lots of cool gears already produced which are quite affordable and practical for our web store owners. So if you are addons, niches and services provider please do Not hesitate to contact Kunquer, let's work together for China market of such demands.

Vlogers, KOL or KOC, review or content providers, hosting services, payment (PayPal, Stripe as example), shipping service providers (CDEK, special line, warehouse) all of YOU are needed.

Contact Kunquer today and let's get together to conquer the Chinese US Dollar earning businesses.

Contact details:
Wechat: RobotPigg
Whatsapp: +852 5930 0019
Email: sales@kunquer.com